Questions and Answers

Before purchasing

We sell products that reach the customer directly, whether it’s packages of cellular services, subscriptions to TV services or a digital key.

The cellular services packages are automatically updated after the purchase for the subscription you requested to charge.

The other products will reach you via SMS, the code must be entered into your account / website, depending on the product you have purchased.

You can use it wherever you wish and whenever you wish, without the risk of losing it.

It is a matter of minutes!

If the product is in stock – you will receive it immediately after purchase!

Keep in mind that there may be a delay of several minutes to an hour from the end of the purchase until you receive the product due to purchase verification processes and data traffic, which may, in some cases, create delays.


All products on the site are 100% legal and original. All product activations are performed on the original platforms of the official product developer so you have nothing to worry about!

It’s very simple – first of all, choose the product you are interested in and then go through a simple and secure payment process

After payment, you will receive the product in an SMS message. From here, it’s very easy, all you have to do is log in to the desired platform listed in the message you have received, redeem the product license and begin the real experience!

Payment is done by using credit cards of all types in our secured clearing and payment system. Our payment system is encrypted and secured to the highest standards of information security on the Internet today. No personal details are kept with us and everything is encrypted and secure.

We sell digital products, after the purchase, you will receive the product directly in an SMS message.

If you have lost the message, you may contact the call center and after a short identification process, we will help you recover the product.

Of course!!

We use the most advanced and secure payment systems available on the market.

You have no reason to worry – the entire purchasing process is encrypted, secure, private and meets the highest standards of information and cyber security of today.

Worry not!

You can always contact us via WhatsApp or call us and our representative will be happy to help you

No problem, we are prepared for this situation as well.

In order to receive the product for another subscriber, on the purchase page, you may add an additional phone number. Please note that if you have added another phone number, the product will reach the number of the subscriber you have entered in this field, and in the case of mobile products, the package will be updated on the phone number you have provided in the other field.

If you need a SIM in addition to the package you have chosen, you can choose the option I need a SIM on the product page and we will take care of you, the SIM is at no additional cost.
All you have left is to choose between self-collection or delivery at a cost of 29 NIS
Self-collection will be done from Shaham 1 B.S.R Tower, Petah Tikva and by prior arrangement only by phone 0737273030 extension 2.

A virtual SIM card that provides a smarter and more convenient way to stay connected, Israeli prepaid eSIM packages allow you to pay in advance for the package you choose.

Allows you to download a data package (browsing) directly to your phone.

Note that the eSIM is supported by a wide variety of devices, it is recommended to verify before your device supports it .

On the dialing screen on your device, press #06#* (asterisk, scale, 06, scale) > you will be shown a screen with the device details > if there is an entry called EID > your device supports eSIM.

To find out if your device supports eSIM – click here

After purchase

There may be a slight delay of a few minutes from the moment the purchase ends until you receive the code, following the verification processes of your means of payment.

If you still have not received the license, contact us.

We are not sure where we should enter the license we received!

Go to the following address depending on the product you have purchased

Product Redeem URL
Shahid TV
Xbox for PC
Xbox Gold
Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Gifts
Pub G

Mobile products will be charged directly to the subscriber’s phone number you have entered during the purchase process.

If you have purchased a service package for travelling abroad, a representative on our behalf will contact you shortly.

If the license you have entered is incorrect, make sure that you have entered it correctly, without spelling errors (the letter “O” instead of the number “0”, etc.)

The chances of such problem are extremely slim, but there are always exceptions.

If you have encountered a problem with the realization of the product, you may contact the appropriate call center depending on the product you have purchased.

Shahid TV
Xbox למחשב
Xbox Gold
Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Gifts
Pub G

If you have encountered a problem with one of Amazon’s products, Roblox, Steam or Minecraft, please send an email to with the following details:

  • Product key
  • Product name
  • Description of the problem
  • Any additional information that can help detail the problem (screenshot of the problem, etc.)

Great, you have come to the right place.

If you already have a SIM (prepaid or travel), select the “I have a SIM” option and the package will be updated automatically for the subscription you requested to charge.

If you need a SIM, select the “I need a SIM” option, select the desired shipping method and we will prepare the SIM for you along with the package you have selected.

If you have encountered a problem with one of the cellular products we market, you are welcome to contact the support centers depending on the product.

Support center for cellular services packages (prepaid) – *6733

Support center for Travel SIM packages – +972-53-5353444

Other questions

In the case of a cellular or a Next TV type service that has not been used, you may contact the call center within 24 hours of the purchase and ask to cancel the purchase and we will credit you.

The other products sold on the site cannot be canceled according to the Computer Law.

Once the digital license has been redeemed, it cannot be redeemed again because you have used the product and therefore no refund will be given.

No worries!

Our representatives are always at your service in the communication channels published on the Contact Us page.


If you encounter a problem that impairs the shopping quality experience or any other malfunction, contact us on the “Contact Us” page and help us improve your shopping experience and that of other customers.